HSV Boasts Only Outdoor Lawn Bowling Facility in Arkansas and Surrounding States

The Village Green Bowls Club boasts the only outdoor lawn bowling facility in the surrounding states, yet it is a year-round activity for the 50+ members of the Club. The beautiful facility is located in the heart of Hot Springs Village, with a 120’ x 120’ artificial surface green. The sport provides moderate exercise and is similar to bowling but it uses much lighter balls, weighing 2-3 pounds.

Lawn bowling is not to be confused with Bocce Ball, which is played on a different surface (usually sand) and on a narrower, shorter court; although both play to an object ball called a PALLINO in Bocce and a JACK in Lawn Bowling.

The Village Green Bowls Club’s style is informal and relaxed, while still maintaining the rules and etiquette of the game. They have numerous tournaments and leagues throughout the year, starting in January and going through October. Some of these determine the “Club Champion” who is announced at their annual Christmas party and membership meeting. They also have 2 Social Saturdays when the bowlers socialize and play fun variations of the regular Lawn Bowling rules.

For newcomers, there are hours of open bowling posted at the Green and on the Club’s website. This is the time for folks to come and learn the game with the help of “seasoned” bowlers. All equipment needed to play the game is provided by the Club.

Commented Connie Weidert, Club Vice President, “I arrived here in the Village 11 years ago, and one of the first things I did was to sign up with the Lawn Bowling group. I have been playing ever since. So many come here who have never played the game, myself included, and once they play, they are hooked. We have one of the friendliest and fun-loving groups in the Village.”

For more information contact Ralph Butler, Club President, at 501-922-1916, ralphgbutler@gmail.com, and visit the website at www.hsvvgbc.org/

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