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Bocce is one of the world’s oldest and most popular games and goes back to the days of the Romans. Bocce should not be confused with Lawn Bowling. Bocce is played on a different surface and on a narrower, shorter court; although both are low impact and bowl balls to a target ball called a Pallino in Bocce and a Jack in Lawn Bowling. Bocce can be played by teams or individuals.

The HSV Bocce Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary and is currently in the process of building beautiful new courts. Until the new courts are completed, the 40 members of the Bocce Club continue to play on Astro Turf at the existing facility adjacent to the Coronado Center. Here in the Village, Bocce is a year-round sport with 3 seasonal leagues. Thursdays are league play, and on Sundays the Club does open Bocce called Social Sundays. Everyone is welcome—they just need to bring a snack, beverage of choice, and join the fun.

The Bocce Club is more social than competitive, according to Sue Trzcienski, including BBQs, pot lucks, cookouts, and a Christmas dinner party in their normal activities. Sue added, “Bocce is one of our week’s highlights. The friendships we have made are wonderful, and the diversity of players from age to ability motivates us. Our best players are in their late eighties and early nineties, but our baby boomers are improving daily.”

For more information, contact Sue Trzcienski at 501-226-3004, and check out their Facebook page, HSV Bocce.

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