Cycle with the Ageless Bikers Club

Biking isn’t just for the young – just ask the members of the Ageless Bikers Club (ABC), a group of cycling enthusiasts in the Hot Springs Village area who enjoy the social, recreational and outdoor aspects of cycling. They can be found every month throughout the year on rides varying from 16-22 miles, with some even longer. The members run the gamut from beginner to experienced and include riders up to 84 years old. Notes member Jim Whitaker, “We love the exercise we get on our bikes, as well as enjoying the company of other members. This is for everyone! We even have a very active couple who are 80 and 84 years old and they ride circles around the rest of us.”


ABC rides on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the year, weather permitting. Rides are scheduled a month at a time so all rides come up each month. There is also an optional longer rides every other week. From April thru November the club includes a monthly Arkansas River Trail ride with lunch at Flying Saucers in Little Rock.

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